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The purpose of this Web Site is to provide information for those who are interested in Rupert Brooke’s Grave on Skyros and in his life and poetry.

“ . . . the almost meditative deliberation of his voice. His movements, too, so restful, so controlled, and so unaffected. But beyond that was my assured perception that I was in the presence of one on whom had been conferred all the invisible attributes of a poet.To this his radiant good looks seemed subsidiary. Here, I might well have thought - had my divinations been expressible - was a being singled out for some transplendent performance, some enshrined achievement.”
Siegfried Sassoon, The Weald of Youth, of a meeting with Brooke on 9th July 1914.

The photo of Rupert Brooke in the left panel is one of the set taken in April 1913 by American photographer Sherril Schell (1877-1964).
It is reproduced by permission of the National Portrait Gallery, London.

The photos of Skyros are by Neil Maybin. Thanks to Martine Silvestre for the photo of King’s College, Cambridge.

Thanks also to Susie Gorney for checking the text in the original site, to Keri Walsh for her advice on subsequent changes, and to Don ‘Caz’ Caswell and Sally Anne Hinchliffe for help in proofreading the poems.

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